Residential Installations

McCallister - tile complete 017

Click on the following links to see how well Palmettos and Pineapples work as backsplash tiles!


Try custom hand painted tiles….you can choose to include just a few or many decorative inserts!  Shown here are commercially available bisque tiles, glazed and then fired.  Work with Sharon to create murals, borders, wrap-around liners, etc., that are unique to your home.

Hand painted backsplash

Handpainted commercial tiles

Almost HOC #2 001Transform your home into a work of art by using custom decorative ceramic tile inserts.   Adds uniqueness and color to a floor installation.  These 6″ X 6″ handmade tiles offer a warm touch to this commercial floor tile.  They also can be made in any size, shape, texture,  or mosaic pattern.   This room is nicely accented with store-bought products like these hanging lamps (which I love) from IKEA that blend perfectly with the handmade art tiles.