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…A smile in every creation!


When you walk into your living spaces, custom handmade tiles or mosaics add that bit of color and art that give you a sense of pride and joy and add to the sense of belonging that makes your house your home.

All handmade sunflower mosaic in field of commercial subway tiles. 

Sunflower tile mosaic is approximately 28″ X 23″.  Each piece is handmade ceramic tile starting from raw clay – rolled, cut, glazed, and fired.  Mid-range stoneware, commercial clay and glazes.

Custom Address Numbers – anniversary gift to the couple from their family.

These address numbers represent the beauty of customizing a gift.  In the upper left are 2 hearts so these numbers are both fun to look at, sentimental, and functional.  The hearts commemorate the couple’s wedding anniversary.  My custom address number tiles will be available through https://www.houzz.com/user/sjstudiostile

Tilton Park Mural – 2300 handmade tiles

The Tilton Park Mural is a commemorative and historic mural depicting images of people, products, and events that are significant in the story of Wilmington and the State of Delaware.  Dr. James Tilton is the namesake and he is featured front and center in the mural.  I handcut every one of the 2300 tiles and numbered each one on the back.  The tiles are Earthenware Red clay fired to cone 5.  Bluestone tops the mural making a nice seating area for reading, relaxing, watching the kids (play soccer), etc.  The mural has a dedicated Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/tiltonparkmural.  If you’re ever in the area share your pictures on the FB page.